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 Bridges are our passion.  Making projects happen is our niche.



Our role varies on each project because we're adaptable to the specific needs of each client.  Whether it's a complex, highway and bridge project in the heart of Portland or a small, private stream crossing in southeastern Oregon, we have the equipment, material, people, and management expertise necessary to serve as the prime contractor.  Alternatively, OSBC also excels as a subcontractor and always enjoys specialty work.  We're currently licensed in Oregon and Washington and eager to learn about your construction needs.



OSBC is different. We employ some of the best, local industry experts and we thrive on challenging opportunities.  Our personnel have extensive design-build experience and we thoroughly understand the dynamic approaches required to make alternative contracting methods successful.  OSBC is committed to value engineering and our team strives to identify cost and time saving solutions early on.

We perform constructability reviews, provide construction management services, and seek partnerships which add value to the project.  Mentoring DWESB ​firms and inspiring youth to seek careers in construction are top company priorities.  OSBC volunteers time and donates resources to non-profit organizations and schools.

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