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Rapid Construction - 24 hour Bridge Replacement

US26: West Humbug Creek Bridge Replacement, Oregon


OSBC partnered with HP Civil, Inc. to construct this $2.2 million project on US26. The project was a rapid replacement of an aging bridge using all precast concrete to make up the new components for the substructure and superstructure.  Work was staged with 24-hour flagging over an 8 week period.  A shotcrete retaining wall was constructed to protect an archeological site on one corner of the bridge.

Bridges are our passion. Being industry leaders drives our projects
Award-Winning Bridge Projects

Mill Creek Bridge, Astoria, Oregon

Awarded the 2016 Merit Award, Short Span Category for outstanding structural steel design, Mill Creek Bridge is located on US30 outside of Astoria.  The four 120 foot steel girders were furnished by Oregon Department of Transportation and the bridge was designed around the girders. Due to the sensitive wetlands area, the same award was also recognized with a sustainability commendation.

Bethany Blvd over US26, Beaverton, Oregon​

The Bethany Blvd project was awarded project of the year in 2014 for the 5 million to 25 million dollar category.  OSBC’s portion of the project entailed widening the Bethany Blvd Bridge over US26 with a new sidewalk on new pile foundations.  Many of the major tasks required night time coordination between the Prime Contractor, Major Suppliers, and OSBC.

Complex Bridge Widening - Value Engineering

I-5 Woodburn Interchange, Woodburn, Oregon


OSBC constructed the structures portion of a $33 million contract to upgrade the Woodburn Interchange.  The widened structure is 366 feet long and includes a PPC overlay to the existing structure.  The work also included new sidewalk, rail, cleaning and painting of the existing structure.  OSBC partnered with a consulting firm to value engineer the structure after it was discovered there were design and I-5 clearance issues.  Once approved, the bridge was constructed using 51 inch precast segmental Bulb I girders that were segmentally post tensioned.  Post tensioning the girders at the ends of the bridge increased the clearance over I-5.  The value engineering resulted in a savings to the owner and the project opened a year early.   

Landmark Project in Portland, Oregon

Sellwood Bridge - MUP Bridge, Portland, Oregon

Working with the Slayden/Sundt team, OSBC constructed a new multi-use path bridge, connecting pedestrians to the Sellwood Bridge from Highway 43.  The bike/pedestrian bridge is 422 feet in length with multiple 62 foot precast slab spans set on drilled shafts.  Bikes and pedestrians can safely cross the Willamette River using the west approach.  This new approach connects the southwest and southeast communities with public transportation giving pedestrians access to the Sellwood area.

Joint Venture, Staged Construction

OR58: Salt Creek Half Viaducts - Phase 2, Oregon


OSBC, Farline Bridge Inc., and HP Civil Inc., joint ventured on the replacement of four bridges; a $7.9 million project located on OR58 at the Salt Creek Tunnel.  Each partner took on portions of the project and together completed the work in one summer construction season.  The project consisted of constructing 5 retaining walls, 4 viaduct structures, rehabilitation of the power room and pouring a portal moment slab at the Salt Creek Tunnel.  The project was staged with flaggers allowing traffic through the construction site using one lane.  A VE was proposed to precast bridge components on one critical bridge structure which resulted in a two week early opening. Another VE allowed a different construction sequence and staging equipment for rapid acceleration work resulting in a savings to the owner.

Innovated Solutions | Value Engineering

FFO I-84: Kamela Interchange - 2nd Street Undercrossing


OSBC worked on the structures portion that consisted of rehabilitation of six structures, including joint repair and micro silica overlay on the $40 million contact near La Grande, Oregon.  One existing structure, Lower Perry Interchange, included the removal of the CIP deck and precast girders to improve the bridge alignment and to correct the superelevation.   OSBC teamed with a consulting engineering firm to VE a solution to the bridge alignment problem and to open traffic early with a no cost change order.  Instead of removing the whole superstructure, the deck and top flange of the precast girders were removed, then girder web extensions and the deck were poured back to the proper superelevation.    

Early Completion, Improving Construction Sequencing

US26: West Fork Dairy Creek Bridge​​, near Manning, Oregon


This $1.7 million project is located on US26 near the Hwy 47 turnoff.  A contractor-initiated change in construction sequencing was granted and the project opened a year early.  The construction sequence allowed a temporary detour to span the regulated work areas.  The detour enabled OSBC to remove the entire existing bridge structure, install a work containment structure, install a temporary water management system and construct the bridge.  All work was completed in two in-water work periods. 

Wide bridge over Interstate 5

Del Rio Rd/ Winchester Interchange, Roseburg, Oregon


This aesthetically pleasing, single span structure near the Umpqua River is one of OSBC's top projects.  Value engineering solutions reduced costs of the new bridge by over 20%.  Project included erection (video) of 13 precast, prestressed 90" tall girders, each 177 feet in length and weighing 92 tons.  At 107 feet wide, the bridge deck was the widest continuous placements by OSBC.  Company completed demolition of the existing structure during a short, three hour window.  Best of all, OSBC personnel performed all work without a single first-aid incident or recordable injury.  


Design-Build Success

Elkhead Rd. to Knowles Creek: Hwy 126 Siuslaw River Bridge/ I-5 Curtis Creek


As a key partner to the Slayden/Ty-Linn team, OSBC constructed two new bridges for the Oregon Department of Transportation.  Company's scope of work included a temporary, five span detour bridge; full containment and demolition over sensitive, navigable waterways; complex foundations, 8% cross-slope bridge deck on a curve; and architectural concrete rail.  Participating during the early design phases and throughout the permitting process, significantly contributed the project's success and shaped the quality relationships which stemmed from this partnership.

Bridge Replacement over Malheur River

NW 36th Street, Ontario, Oregon​​


OSBC constructed a 3 span, 209 foot bridge with steel girders which sit on drilled shafts and spans the Malheur River.   The approaches, earthwork and MSE Retaining Walls, were built concurrently with the bridge construction.  Critical to the schedule was the coordination between utility companies and various subcontractors.

Interchange Improvement Project

Valley View Road, Interstate 5 at milepost 19, Ashland, Oregon


OSBC served as the prime contractor on this $6.2 million dollar highway, interchange improvement project where they self-performed a two-phased bridge replacement, including pile driving, erection of steel plate girders, demolition, and placement of ornamental railing.  Project required detailed coordination with dozens of subcontractors for activities such as drilled shafts, earthwork, paving, illumination, and landscaping. 

Railroad & Utility Coordination | 7 span Structure over BNSF

Leadbetter Overcrossing, Portland, Oregon


A structure to be proud of.  This complex project for the City of Portland/ Port of Portland provided new access to a port terminal, overcrossing an active BNSF railway.  Utilization of DWESB, local contractors provided a variety of development opportunities on this $7.2 million project.  Continuous collaboration with multiple utilities was critical at each stage of this project, including temporarily diverting a high volume storm main.

Oregon Emergency Repair

Historical Bridge on Hwy 101, repaired by OSBC, immediate mobilization

Demolition Video

OSBC takes down existing structures near Stayton, Oregon

Pedestrian Bridge

OSBC donates labor, material, and equipment to local cause

Mill Creek Bridge | Short Span 

US Highway 30, Astoria, Oregon


Awarded the 2016 Merit Award, Short Span Category for outstanding structural steel design, Mill Creek Bridge is located on US30 outside of Astoria.  The four 120 foot steel girders were furnished by Oregon Department of Transportation and the bridge was designed around the girders. Due to the sensitive wetlands area, the same award was also recognized with a sustainability commendation.

US101/OR6: Tillamook Section

Tillamook, Oregon


US101/OR6 received the APWA Project of the Year award for projects $25 Million to Less than $75 Million.   Partnering with HP Civil, the OSBC team improved the downtown Tillamook area, widened the Hoquarton Slough Bridge on US101 and built the Hoquarton Slough Park.  Presently, there is a new alignment heading north on US101 and OR6, going north on US101.  The downtown area has a pedestrian plaza on Second Street, all new sidewalks between Fourth and First Street and between Pacific Ave. and Main Street. 

Weyerhaeuser | Multi-Bridge Project

Private Property, Southern Oregon 


OSBC entered into a joint venture with Farline Bridge and HP Civil to construct 12 bridges on Weyerhaeuser’s forested property in Southern Oregon.  Each team member took on the task to rebuild four of the bridges and worked concurrently during the summer to meet Weyerhaeuser’s schedule.

US101B: Old Youngs Bay and Lewis & Clark River Bridge

Astoria, Oregon 


OSBC partnered with HP Civil on the $16.7 million rehabilitation project on the historical Lewis & Clark River Bridge and the Old Youngs Bay Bridge.  On the Lewis and Clark Bridge, work consisted of replacing the west approach, rehabilitation and replacement of the existing timber piles on the east approach span and painting the bascule span.  Work on The Old Youngs Bay Bridge consisted of painting the bridge, rehabilitation and replacing timber piles, electrical work and rehabilitation of the mechanical rooms.  

OR62: Corridor Solutions

Medford, Oregon 

OSBC worked on the structures portion of a $30 million improvements to OR62.  Working with the General Contractor, OSBC completed construction of several retaining walls, box culverts and new bridges on the new alignment for OR62 around Medford area. 

OR42: Lower Lookingglass Creek Bridge Repair

Winston, Oregon 


Working with ODOT, OSBC completed the restoration of the Lower Lookingglass Bridge along Hwy 42 that included a Silica Fume deck overlay, new concrete rail, and minor concrete repairs on the structure. A majority of the work was completed under a 24-day road closure to limit the impact on the traveling public. 

Pleasant Valley Pedestrian Bridge

Clackamas County, Oregon


OSBC teamed with a fabricator out of Texas to replace a dated walk bridge that had been abandoned by the golf course. The new structure is a Steel Truss Bridge with wood decking and rail that spans 67’ over Rock Creek, connecting the multi-use path for residents in the area.

Springwater Corridor #48
Portland, Oregon 

Working with the City of Portland under a General Contractor, OSBC replaced the wooden trestle bridge that was built in the early 1900’s with a modern cable stayed bridge along the Springwater Corridor. The new structure clear spans Johnson Creek to promote free-flowing water and provide healthier habitat. OSBC partnered with a local steel fabricator to produce and install the new aesthetically one of a kind structure. 

SR508: South Fork Newaukum River Bridge Replacement
SR508 Ten Miles East of Onalaska, WA 

Working with WSDOT, a single lane steel truss bridge was removed and replaced with a 225 foot double lane bridge with a new alignment.  The bridge foundation was constructed on three piers with two 8 foot diameter drilled shafts under each pier.  Two spans with 67 foot precast girders supported the 8 inch cast-in-place reinforced concrete deck.

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