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Bridges are our passion.  Being industry leaders drives our projects


SW 198th Ave. Improvement Project
Hillsboro, Oregon 

Working with Washington County, under a general contractor, on SW 198th Ave from SW Farmington Road to SW Tualatin Valley Highway, OSBC is completing the structures on this project.  Culverts were removed from two creeks and replaced with two 30 foot single span precast deck bridges over each creek.  Critical to the schedule was the coordinated work between the General Contractor and all utility companies.  

US101: New Youngs Bay Bridge Repair
Astoria, Oregon 

OSBC entered into a partnership with HP Civil on the $6 million project to rehabilitate the New Youngs Bay Bridge in Astoria.  Work consists of bridge jacking and replacing bearings at each pier, installing a bridge cathodic protection system, and all damaged concrete surfaces underneath the bridge receives a new concrete surface and coating application.  Work access is by barge only to the engineered scaffolding system underneath each bridge span.

North Creek Siletz Organism Passage Restoration
Lincoln City, Oregon 

Located in the hills above Lincoln City, OSBC installed one of the largest Plate Arches in the state. At nearly 50’ in width and 130’ in length this plate arch and stream bed recreation has opened miles of stream for salmon and migrating aquatic organisms. 

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