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Build. Repair. Demolish.


Whether it's a complex, highway and bridge project in the heart of Portland or a small, private stream crossing in southeastern Oregon, we have the resources and management expertise necessary to serve as the prime contractor.  Alternatively, OSBC also excels as a subcontractor and always enjoys specialty work.  Self-performing...


The little details matter to us.  Pride for our work is evident by the quality in which we perform every activity.  These projects of various scale and scope, merely highlight just a few of our favorite experiences.  OSBC is committed to ensuring that every project is constructed with a culture focused on safe decisions, safe attitudes, and safe work practices.     


Our family of employees truly care about the quality of our work and our client's satisfaction.  We care about the profitability of our subcontractors and suppliers.  We care about the prosperity of our community and the future of our environment.

Our passion inevitably results in our care.

Our care forms our reputation.

Our reputation defines our success.


​We would appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions.  Whether you're a student looking for a career or a potential client, OSBC is eager to learn about new opportunities.  Based in Scio, Oregon, we're an equal opportunity employer and are currently performing projects throughout Oregon and Washington.


 “While OSBC is a smaller company, their contract management, experience and expertise rival many of the larger bridge construction contractors working in the state.”

Contract Manager, ​City of Portland


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